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Catering for all Occasions!

A variety of gourmet delights & Impressive Buffets!

Buffet table with Smoked Salmon Potato Crisps, Feta Shrimp Triangles, Ham & Cheddar Biscuits, Bruschetta, and a cut up chocolate pecan shortbread tart, lemon tart and white chocolate key lime tart

Cocktail -Finger Foods

Perfect for parties

Lunch Buffet  with Coconut Shrimp, Strips of Lemon Chicken, a large bowl of Salad comprised of red leaf, cucmbers, carrots, tomatoes,  grapes, & toasted almonds, a container of Pepper Parmesan dressing with a basket of bread in the background


Ideal for home or office

Buffet table showing a large bowl of Caesar Salad, followed by rows of chaffong dishes containing servings of  Chicken Wellingtons and Prime Rib


Casual to extravagant

A pan of homemade Lasagna in  a disposable pan

Convenience Food

Oven ready for when you

aren't sure what time

you will serve and

don't have the time

to prep

Guest Tables dressed with white tablecloths, colored napkins, and lovely floral center pieces set up under a tent for a wedding reception


The perfect day calls

for a perfect menu

This is a two tier cake that is whimsically decorated as a carousel with the horses made of decorated cookies with fancy lolipop sticks wrapped in fancy ribbon and topped with larged colored Gum Balls. The top tier is decorated to look like the top of the carousel with lots of pastel piping, ruffles and borders, there is a flag at the top with the baby's name piped on it

Specialty Desserts

Let us create something just for you

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