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Catering for all Occasions!

A variety of gourmet delights & Impressive Buffets!

Buffet table with Smoked Salmon Potato Crisps, Feta Shrimp Triangles, Ham & Cheddar Biscuits, Bruschetta, and a cut up chocolate pecan shortbread tart, lemon tart and white chocolate key lime tart

Cocktail -Finger Foods

Perfect for parties

Lunch Buffet  with Coconut Shrimp, Strips of Lemon Chicken, a large bowl of Salad comprised of red leaf, cucmbers, carrots, tomatoes,  grapes, & toasted almonds, a container of Pepper Parmesan dressing with a basket of bread in the background


Ideal for home or office



Casual to extravagant

A pan of homemade Lasagna in  a disposable pan

Convenience Food

Oven ready for when you

aren't sure what time

you will serve and

don't have the time

to prep

2002-06-02 Kellermeyer (4)_edited.jpg


The perfect day calls

for a perfect menu

Wild Animal Cake.JPG

Specialty Desserts

Let us create something just for you

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