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A whirlwind of parties and celebrations

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A table with a large centerpiece and a tray of assorted Croissant sandwiches a pasta salad, a lemon tart and a caramel pecan shortbread tart
Bridal luncheon dining table with a close up of a place setting with sterling  silver, china, crystal, silver goblet, champagne glass  & personal bottle of champagne.  There is a salad on the plate consisting of green leaf lettuce, kiwi, mango slices, strawberries & Coconut shrimp. There is a dish of mini lemon poppyseed muffins also on the table
Lobster salad stacked on potato crisps, served with asparagus, and a watermelon garnish
Three tier wedding cake surrounded by 6 smaller 6" cakes all in a soft ivory with extremely clean lines and decorated with a bridal lace border. It is topped with a precious moments bride and groom and there are fresh roses in ivory and blush  sitting on top of the small cakes and on the sides of the larger tiers




A special occasion calls for a special meal and a custom cake

Visit our wedding cakes section to find out how to get a free cake!!

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