This was a Halloween party created for fun. Think of it as Halloween Fear Factor

I will start off with the milder ones, if you have a weak stomach you may not want to go further than this group!

Halloween Chips
Seasonal Colors, good flavor
Halloween Mummy Dip
Darling little mummy made of dip
Halloween Witch Fingers
These are gross and yummy! I am showing the mild foods first ….continue if you dare...
Halloween Party Buffet Wings, Lasagna
Halloween Deviled Spider Eggs
Halloween Edible Brain
Halloween Food Bones (Ribs)
Halloween Edible Eyeballs
Halloween Edible Heart
Halloween Pick Your Poison
Halloween Party Snacks
Halloween Shrunken Head Punch
Halloween Party Potions (4)
Halloween Party Potions (3)
Halloween Party Potions
Halloween Gross Foods Worms
Halloween Gross  Food MeatHead
2017-10-21 Toxic Green Mac & Cheese
2017-10-21 Gross Food Bleeding Ears and
2017-10-21 Gross Food Dragon Eyeballs
2017-10-21 Gross Foods (1)
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This party was a blast to create and the participants loved it. None of this food actually tasted gross but it all sure looked the part!

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