Baked fresh using only  the finest ingredients, real unsalted butter, heavy cream, imported Belgian chocolate, moist and flavorful to the last bite. When we bake your wedding cake we will bake a small cake for your 1st Year Anniversary  free.

Chocolate  Dipped Strawberry Wedding Cake
Sue Wedding Food
Autumn Leaves Wedding Cake & Cupcake
2 Tier Edible Band Simplicity
2 Tier Embroidery
2 Tier Orchid
2 Tier with Rolled Roses
Snowflake Wed Cake
3 tier blue
3 tier dot
3 tierMaroon Sweet Peas
4 tier square cake with dots
Basketweave Flower Basket
Basketweave Flower Basket Cake Top
Basic cake
Black Tie Berries Close Up
Black Tie Berries
Basket Weave  Sq Unadorned
Basketweave Yellow Flowers 2
Baxter's Free Cake Offer
No need to freeze your cake!! Purchase your wedding cake from Baxter's and we will bake you a 1st year anniversary cake for you. You just need to call and remind us in advance and be able to pick up your free cake. Delivery or shipping is unavailable
Vines & Tree Wedding Cake
Blue Sweet peas Square
Blue Sweet peas close up
Bridal Lace (2)
Bridal Lace
Burgundy Ribbon & Rolled Roses
Burgundy Ribbon Cake
Buttercream Leaves
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Mini Basketweave
Vines & Ribbon Mini
Mini Rose & Lily
Mini Mirror
Lilies of Valley Mini
Mini Fondant
Mini Sweet Pea
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1st Year Anniversary Cakes - Our gift to you

Vines & Ribbon Mini
Lilies of Valley  Color Mini
1st Yr Anniversary Cake
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A special cake for a special day.  Let us Custom Design one for you!!

Variety of flavors to chose from.  Some of today's brides are foregoing the traditional cake and opting for table cakes or a dessert buffet!! 1st year anniversary cakes are provided free to our customers, you just need to call and remind us and be able to pick it up.

Check out our Fancy Mini Desserts, Petit Fours and other dessert choices

for a stunning presentation!!!

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