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Two tier cake decorated with butter cream ruffles, and flowers ( roses, violets, lily of the valley)



Two tier Chocolate anniversary cake with chocolate ganache frosting and gold ribbon and a gold "H" initial on top made of white chocolate



Cake covered in white fondant and  decorated with embroidery icing dots, simple piped green vines and tiny fondant flowers in purple, pink & yellow


Baby Christening cake Two tiers separted by a glass top tier is iced in yellow and has baby sleeping on a cloud topper. There are lolipop sticks coming out of the sides  like spokes each with a candy star attached dangling above the bottom tier. The bottom is  iced in yellow butter cream with fondant stars in assorted sizes and colors. The top of the bottom tier is iced in white with a white piped border, with a blu inside border and stars all around with a fluffly cloud like piping of white icing around the glass separator
Two tier Cake decorated like a carousel with cookie horses as the rides


A large cake that is shapped like a cowboy hat, the hat is white with a black fondant ribbon. It is sitting on a black hankerchief


A Cake shaped and decorated to resemble a haunted house made of candy with ghosts coming out of the windows and doors.


A cake shaped and decorated like a pirate ship with licorice cannons and paper sails


Three tier wedding cake. The tiers are square shaped and sitting at different directions, the cake is postioned on some glass blocks that are lit from the inside. The top and bottom tier are decorated with snowflakes piped out of white chocolate , dusted with luster dust, the middle tier is piped with white icing dots

No matter what the occasion we can custom design  a cake for you

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